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Dancing around my empty apartment is the same as studying right.


[points to any dragon] yes

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The maned wolf is the largest canine species in South America and closely resembles a red fox on stilts because of its long legs. It is neither a wolf, fox, coyote, or dog  but rather a member of its own Chrysocyon genus, making it a truly unique animal. They possess a mane that runs from the back of the head to the shoulders which can be erected to intimidate other animals when displaying aggression or when they feel threatened. 

Unlike other wolves that live in packs, maned wolves do not form or hunt in packs but prefer to live alone.  Maned wolf is considered as the last surviving species of the Pleistocene Extinction, which wiped out all other large canids from the continent.

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if cicadas can sleep for 17 years and then wake up only to scream and fuck so can i

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Louise Zhang (born 1991) is a Sydney-based artist whose work starts with the most basic unit of construction: the amorphous, inchoate ‘blob.’

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boy being able to manipulate metals would be pretty magneato

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The Digital Surreal Worlds of Gediminas Pranckivicius

Gediminas is an Illustration and Concept Artist from Lithuania


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i’m not a traditional witch

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Eric Standley, a Virginia-based artist who works with laser-cut paper, creates amazing and awe-inspiring layered paper cuts of extraordinary complexity that successfully marry Gothic and Islamic architectural elements in tiny cathedral-like spaces.


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